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Batteries in tablets although are generally reasonably lasting eventually do need to be replaced. There is only so many times they can be charged before they start to deterioriate.

At 19 Computing we have a full range of battery testing tools to check battery life and see reports such as how many charging cycles it has had and our diagnostic software will tell us whether or not it needs to be replaced. Of course, your battery may have failed completely in which case pop your device along and we will be able to replace it for you.


Mac Repairs

We carry out repairs to all Mac models including MacBooks and iMacs

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Laptop Repairs

All laptop repairs undertaken, hardware & software issues.

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Games Console Repairs

Full range of console repairs available for the new xbox one/ps4 and

older generation machines

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Phone Repairs

We repair a huge range of mobile phones including iPhones and Samsung

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Online Shopping

19 Computing have been trading for over 16 years providing Computer sales.

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